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Kevin Colby kevinc at
Fri Jun 9 15:28:39 GMT 2000

Just for the record, it is also possible to setup a batch file
that does the dynamic-logon-script thing as well.  You have
to get a better 'SET' command such as ASET, or do some coding
yourself, but it can be done.

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"Charles N. Owens" wrote:
> Gerry George wrote:
> > I seem to recall reading something about this, but can't find it from the
> > archives.
> >
> > How does one get the username?  I wish to set the environment variable
> > USERNAME to use it for various applications and scripts.  This would be set
> > in the login script.  The standard Samba variables do not work as the
> > Windows client, where the login script executes, is unaware of any Samba
> > variables.
> The technique that I use is to set up the netlogon share such that it calls a
> perl script as the connection is being setup (specified via the preexec
> directive).  This script dynamically generates a client-specific logon script
> which includes DOS commands to
>    * set environment variables
>    * set up drive and printer mappings (via the net use command)
>    * call other scripts that perform standard functions
> Per-client configuration information is maintained in a NIS map that the script
> queries to determine how to build the script.
> We've been using this technique for about four years with good success.  At
> some point I plan to move the configuration info into an LDAP directory and do
> other enhancements (e.g. NT/W2K support).  I'd be happy to share the script as
> is (kinda crufty) if there is interest.
> Here's the pertinent parts of smb.conf:
> [globals]
>    ...
>    domain logons = yes
>    logon script = scripts\dynamic\%d.bat
>    ...
> [netlogon]
>    path = /user/canaan/smb/netlogon
>    browseable = no
>    writeable = no
>    force user = nobody
>    preexec = /usr/local/tenet/sbin/mklogscript %d %U %M %m %a
>    postexec = /bin/rm /user/canaan/smb/netlogon/scripts/dynamic/%d.bat
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