Outlook 2000

Philip Hannent p.hannent at travel-market.co.uk
Fri Jun 9 09:02:53 GMT 2000


Johan Östensson wrote:
>This is mayby a bit OT, but hey - you could always flame me (not!) ;)
>Just ignore this if you aren't using Outlook 2000...

>The problem is this maillist; Is it possible to add a prefix to the subject
>of every mail (something like "SAMBA-NTDOM: ")? Outlook 2000 which I'm
>forced to use at work (yuck!) doesn't have the capabilities to sort my mail
>correcly otherwise... Or does anyone have a solution for this?

>best regards

It sure is off topic, this being a Samba mailing list.  There is nothing
wrong with Outlook 2000.  It is a great PIM and I have evaluated my fair
share of them.  You need to look at the documentation of the product in
question.  When using the rules wizard in outlook you can tell the software
that you want emails from a specific email address to be moved to a certain

Don't go asking stupid questions. RTFM.


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