Trusting NT accounts with samba's PDC server

Rostedt, Steven steven.rostedt at
Mon Jun 5 13:29:44 GMT 2000

Thanks Michael,

Yes, I know it is not currently implemented, but I heard/read
that it would be in the 2.1 version (we are about to go to 2.2).
So I thought that it might work in the core CVS tree.

I've downloaded the tng version now and I'm currently playing with

My question is... has anyone successfully implemented trusts
relations with NT using the CVS version of TNG.  All I need is
to have a one way trust, where samba can verify users
from another domain.

I'm asking this so I don't waste time if someone else has
tried this and failed.

Thanks Steve.

> Hi!
> If you read "Teach Yourself Samba in 24 hours", vou can read, that the
> trust is
> not implemented.
> Which whitch version of Samba do you work. Try it with a alpha-version,
> like
> samba-tng-2.1 or higher. It can be downloaded from the page
> It
> had try it also with cvs but I became an older version (2.0.4)
> Bye Michael

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