Userlevel security, Access Rights: User list inaccessable

Art Wildman wildman at
Fri Jun 2 07:59:10 GMT 2000

Hi Folks, not sure if I'm in the right place, but from what I've read so far
installing Samba TNG may get me there...

I have 3 w98 clients, 1 w95 client and a RH6.1 server currently running
Samba2.06 as a pseudo-PDC using encrypt passwds and security=user. My smb shares
on the server and a simple login script to map them runs OK. I want the server
to authenticate all share access & logins, so what do I have to do to get Samba
to return a list of valid users?

The message below was posted to linux.samba for quite awhile & never got any
response other than the usual usenet spam. Hope ya'll can point me in right
direction... Do I really need Samba TNG? or just a better understanding of how
to configure Samba 2.06 username mappings? Is there a RH rpm available for Samba

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Subject: Access Rights: User list inaccessable
From: Art Wildman <wildman at>
Date: 2000/04/26
Newsgroups: linux.samba
Hi guys, this is my first attempt to setup a PDC & can't find the cause of this
one in my books or the docs.

I have successfully created a Samba 2.06 PDC and set sercurity = user.
Several shares exist on the samba server & I can logon from a w9x client and
browse each. 

When I try to create a new printer or share on the w95 client, because my Access
Rights point to Domain login to NT Server for validation I'm asked to Add Users.

Error: You have created a share but not given anyone permission to use it.
       Do you want to Add Users now? <yes>
Error: User list inaccessable at this time?

It looks like the client is attempting to get a list of Auth Users from the PDC,
but I can't figure out where to config this list for new shares on other

My interpretation of these obvious perameters is for the Samba server side only
or doesn't suit this application...
valid users =
username =
username map =

Please clarify. Thanks...
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