TNG and Win95/98

Jacob Bohn Lorensen jacob.lorensen at
Fri Jun 2 21:07:20 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason D Michaelson <jason.michaelson at> writes:

    Jason> Out of curiosity, what is the status of TNG authenticating
    Jason> Win95 and Win98 pseudo-domain logins? Does it work? If not,
    Jason> does anyone have any advice for getting 2.0.x and TNG
    Jason> running simultaneously on one system to handle both W2K
    Jason> logins and W95/8 logins?

I am currently running SAMBA-TNG 2.5 on FreeBSD performing domain
logons of a Win2k and a Windows 98 machine (the same machine, dual

I use roving user profiles. It works with no problems so far. Note,
however, that this is for my home network / playground etc. so the
amount of test/stress etc. is not very big. I have had no serious
problems (other than known problems with samba vs. win2k). But I have
not had time to test printing, for instance. So I would not recommend
the setup in a production environment.

But basic functionality seems to be there.


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