Logon-Scripts & Win9x clients

tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de
Wed Jul 19 12:02:52 GMT 2000


Working some time with a samba domain to logon I noticed, clients telling
that the logon script is worked on for hours. If I cancel the logon script
everyting is fine. All shares there. It looks like windows doesn't notice
the script ended...

Here is what I do:

1. syncronize time
2. get the home share
3. copy a personal script to c:\
4. start this script inside a new command.com
5. exit the logon script

Here is how windows responds:

1. starts the logon script
2. syncronizes time
3. copies the personal script
4. starts the personal script inside a new command.com
5. hangs until canceling the logon script.

Even an empty script might hang. Any clues where I might have to look to
avoid users having to cancel there logon scripts?
With the old NT PDC this wasn't a problem...!


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