NT drives stay connected after logon!

Johan Östensson johan.ostensson at orebro.lantmen.se
Wed Jul 19 11:41:29 GMT 2000

Just use /persistent:no in your net use command, for example:
net use k: \\trillion\bio_prog /persistent:no

(example from http://bioserve.biochem.latrobe.edu.au/samba/, great site!)


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> Skickat: den 19 juli 2000 13:31
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> Ämne: NT drives stay connected after logon!
> Hi all.	
> I've been running samba as a logon server for Win9x boxes
> quite successfully for well over a year now. Logon scripts,
> roaming profiles both seem to work dandy.
> I'm experimenting with a NT4 client, to see if NT4 is better.
> I think I'm getting somewhere with the roaming profiles, but
> I'm getting intermittent errors with my logon scripts and its
> NET USE commands to map drives. I suspect that
> the problem is that the mapped drives STAY CONNECTED after
> a user logs off. 
> I've heard of this problem with Win9x workstations but never 
> seen it. It seems to be rife with this NT4 (SP6) client,
> however.
> Apart from educating my NT4 users to reboot instead of 
> just logging off (or better still, converting the workstation
> to FreeBSD or Linux :) ), any other ideas ?
> Eddie.

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