Password sync

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at
Wed Jul 19 05:36:52 GMT 2000

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> At 07:00 PM 18/07/2000 +1000, Henning Eiben wrote:
> >Hi,
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> If you are happy to use pam then things can be much easier, 
> get pam to do
> all your authentication. Point pam_smb to the samba server 
> (even if its on
> the same box). You then dont need any passwds in /etc/passwd (or
> /etc/shadow), dont have to worry about passwd sync, dont have to worry
> about someone applying crack to /etc/passwd (anyone seen a 
> 'crack' to apply
> to the NT encrypted passwds in smbpassword ?).

Won't l0pht crack those the same as it will NT passwords?  I haven't tried
it yet, but it seems like thats how it should go.

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