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Matthew Keller kellermg at
Fri Jul 14 16:34:16 GMT 2000

"M. ZEN Muttaqien" wrote:
> >       Samba doesn't need to support this "feature"- You could easily write an
> > IF for lpd, however, that does. I have several different filters for
> > load-balancing, accounting, etc.
> > --
> >
> Well, thank you Matthew... I'll try this..
> I just need it for a clients who has the same printers in their network, all of
> 'em...

	No problem- Conceptually, you'll have one queue for the "balancer",
that everyone prints to, and then an extra queue for every individual
printer. Your IF will process the drop, and pick whichever printer
(however you want to determine it), and then requeue the job onto the
selected printer using the lpr command with the -r and -h flags.


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