slow download/upload

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Thu Jul 6 18:15:32 GMT 2000

> loading the windows profile for each user has been very slow.  In addition, 
> we also frequently download large images of Win98 partitions for our users 
> from our servers, and this has been noticeably slower as well.  This was not 
> the case before and they are independent events (meaning that it is not 
> because we are overloading the system by doing downloading and logging on at 
> the same time).  Even when no one is logged on, the downloading is slow and 
> even when no one is downloading, logging on is slow.
> In addition, we normally make adjustments to our images from time to time, 
> which we then upload onto the server.  For some reason, this process has 
> become EXTREMELY slow...
> And I cannot figure out why and was hoping someone could give me some 
> insight to what you have done to troubleshoot this kind of problem.
> If any more info is needed, please let me know.

have you checked the profile size - if you don't keep watch on the
netscape and internet explorer caches they can get fairly ridiculously
big (like 15MB)

Another issue your network - are you switched or shared?

if shared do you have chattering card..

can you check your switches/hubs for collision percentages?

do you have any mac's doing appletalk over this?

they are VERY talkative.

are you using netbeui AND tcp ip.
if you are kill the netbeui/netbios - its crap and NOISY.

try an ftp connection from the samba server to the other host see what
speeds you get


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