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Kevin Chan yoshers at
Thu Jul 6 18:06:07 GMT 2000

Ever since we moved our NT server to the Samba platform, I have noticed that 
loading the windows profile for each user has been very slow.  In addition, 
we also frequently download large images of Win98 partitions for our users 
from our servers, and this has been noticeably slower as well.  This was not 
the case before and they are independent events (meaning that it is not 
because we are overloading the system by doing downloading and logging on at 
the same time).  Even when no one is logged on, the downloading is slow and 
even when no one is downloading, logging on is slow.

In addition, we normally make adjustments to our images from time to time, 
which we then upload onto the server.  For some reason, this process has 
become EXTREMELY slow...

And I cannot figure out why and was hoping someone could give me some 
insight to what you have done to troubleshoot this kind of problem.

If any more info is needed, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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