trust between two samba-tng pdcs?

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Tue Jul 4 18:04:56 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Elrond" == Elrond  <elrond at> writes:

    Elrond> Well... When I first wrote this, I forgot, that the SIDs

Just to get pedantic, all that is stored in smbpasswd is the RIDs;
when you tag a RID onto the domain SID, you have a user's SID.

    Elrond> are only half the story, the other half are the machine
    Elrond> (or in this case interdomain-trustaccount) -passwords...
    Elrond> Maybe lsasetsecret can be used to do this... somehow...

The passwords for the machine accounts are in smbpasswd.  The
inter-domain trust passwords are, as you say, stored as LSA secrets.


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