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Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sun Jul 2 13:34:06 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Samuelson <peter at> writes:

    Peter> Though my hard knowledge here is as little as yours, I
    Peter> highly doubt that IP aliasing requires promiscuous mode in
    Peter> Linux (or any other OS).  I think you've confused IP
    Peter> addresses with MAC (Ethernet hardware) addresses.  All you
    Peter> really need is to have your ARP server (i.e. TCP/IP stack)
    Peter> answer ARP requests for more than one IP, using the same
    Peter> MAC address.

That's where my reasoning went astray; I wasn't sure if it was
allowable to have more than one IP address associated with a MAC

I'm okay with the MAC address/IP address distinction, although when I
first learned about networking at the MAC layer (round about the time
I picked up a book about DECnet Phase IV, which is an OSI
implementation), it was a surprise to discover there was a level of
address resolution below that of DNS name -> IP number; up to then I
had always assumed that the IP address was low as it got.

Assumptions, eh?  :-)



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