Getting somewhere in my samba adventures... slowly

awilliam at awilliam at
Sat Jul 1 02:36:46 GMT 2000

>>From my recent experiences you may want to use a small NT box as the 
>>Domain Controller (PDC) and do the authentications through it. SAMBA 
is a
>>thing, however there are some lingering problems having it as a PDC, 
at least
>>that is my opinion.
>>The Linux/SAMBA box then authenticates all the users through the PDC 
>>happy. Later as you progress and the next SAMBA version is released 
it is
>>not a
>>big deal to move the PDC job to SAMBA.
> Just had this idea.
> How about running NT4 under VMWare to act as the PDC and have Samba on 
> same box as your "normal" server?
> Anyone tried this as yet?  Does NT4 run under VMWare?

Yes, NT4 or 2000 work perfectly under Vmware, performance is pretty 
good too.  But it doesn't save you from the massive licensing fees.

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