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Torsten.Werner at Torsten.Werner at
Fri Apr 28 16:29:43 GMT 2000

Dear all,
I've 2 different problems in printing. My configuration:
Samba 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 runs at HPUX 10.20, all clients are Windows NT
Workstation, Service Pack 5 in German language. At the UNIX side are 2 different
spoolers installed: the default HPUX printing system (similar System V) and a
special spooler to control plotters.

The first problem is:
In Windows is a point to pause a printer (open the printer, menu Printer,pause
printing). This point works, I'm able to disable a printer. Normally is a
windows based printer marked as pausing after them and it is possible to restart
it with the same menu point. A samba based printer will never marked as pausing
and it is not possible to continue printing after stopping. To continue printing
it is necessary to enable the printer at the UNIX command line.
What is wrong?

The second problem:
I'm able to print over the second special printer spooler. but I can't see
entries in the printer queue. I've written a small script to ask for the current
spooler status with exactly the same output and result code like lpstat -o%p. I
can see in log files that the script is called correctly.  At UNIX the jobs are
queued and printed correctly. I'm sure, I do a mistake. I'm not so experienced
in samba. What is false?

Thank you for help.
Torsten Werner
Torsten.Werner at

My entries in smb.conf depends on printing:
     guest account = pcguest
     encrypt passwords = Yes
     null passwords = Yes
     max log size = 50
     domain logons = Yes
     preferred master = Yes
     domain master = Yes
     wins support = Yes
     socket options = TCP_NODELAY
     printing = HPUX
     print command = /usr/bin/lp -d%p -onb -oraw %s; rm %s
     min print space = 2000
     printcap name = lpstat

     path = /var/tmp
     printable = yes
     guest ok = yes
     guest account = pcguest
     browseable = no

# the following entry is a sample for the special plotter spooler:
     comment = Plotter
     printer = SUMMIT
     printable = yes
     browseable = yes
     guest ok = yes
     guest account = pcguest
     print command = /opt/sched/bin/LP %s PL=%p;rm %s
     lpq command = /opt/sched/bin/plotrep %p
     lprm command = /opt/sched/bin//DELJ %j
     lppause command =
     lpresume command =
     queuepause command = /opt/sched/bin/ACTQ SUMMIT N
     queueresume command = /opt/sched/bin/ACTQ SUMMIT Y
     path = /var/tmp
     read only = yes

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