Win2K joining a Samba TNG 2.5 domain

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Apr 27 14:15:40 GMT 2000

At 10:41 AM 4/28/00 +1000, Paul J Collins wrote:
>>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> writes:
>    Richard> OK, I now have Win2K build 2128 joining a Samba TNG 2.5
>    Richard> domain ...
>    Richard> When it does, it comes up with a dialog box prompting for
>    Richard> a username and password on the domain that has privileges
>    Richard> to join the domain or whatever.
>Basically, create a user the same way as any other.  The username
>should be the name of the machine with a $ appended.  Samedit will
>create the special initial password (the machine name in lower case
>Unicode), which is changed by the machine as soon as it joins the

Well, I did that. I used samedit to create the account win2000$. Then I
went to the machine win2000 and joined the domain, but I still got the
dialog box above, so I entered root and the root password, and eventually
got the Welcome to the domain message.

So, can I get rid of it?

>What may also work is creating the Unix account and entering root and
>root's password in the dialog; I haven't tried this with TNG myself
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