Win2K joining a Samba TNG 2.5 domain

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Fri Apr 28 00:44:35 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> writes:

    Richard> OK, I now have Win2K build 2128 joining a Samba TNG 2.5
    Richard> domain ...

    Richard> When it does, it comes up with a dialog box prompting for
    Richard> a username and password on the domain that has privileges
    Richard> to join the domain or whatever.

Basically, create a user the same way as any other.  The username
should be the name of the machine with a $ appended.  Samedit will
create the special initial password (the machine name in lower case
Unicode), which is changed by the machine as soon as it joins the

What may also work is creating the Unix account and entering root and
root's password in the dialog; I haven't tried this with TNG myself


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