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Thu Apr 27 07:51:17 GMT 2000

Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm not sure this is the correct place to write, if it's not I apologize and ask where
> should I send this question.
> My network has (amongst others) the following machines:
> _ UGO: running Samba 2.0.6 on FreeBSD 4.0, providing WINS server, some shares and acting as
> my PDC;
> _ XANATAR: an OS/2 4.0 machine which provides some shares;
> _ RADIO: an NT 4.0SP3 machine which only act as a client.
> Both RADIO and XANATAR can autenticate either locally or on the PDC correctly, problem
> arises if from RADIO I logon using domain authentication and try to access XANATAR,
> particularly:
> I can see XANATAR in the browse list, but if I click on it I get an "Access Denied" message
> (it might not be the exact string you might see, my NT is in Italian and I'm translating
> back to English so you all can understand); if I manually connect to a specific service on
> xanatar (e.g. by assigning a drive letter to it and typing the full service name, or issuing
> a DIR \\XANATAR\service at the prompt) it works almost fine: in the past I had some problem
> running Access or any ODBC application on an MDB file on XANATAR, but lately it looks like
> it works (possibly since I upgraded from 2.0.5 to 2.0.6).
> If I logon locally on RADIO, then I have no problem at all.
>  Bye & Thanks
>         av.

I had the same problem some months ago while setting up samba 2.0.x as
(Remember PDC functionality is here but not supported).

I think that NT clients in a domain ask a PDC to authenticate network
And I suppose samba 2.0.x is not able to authenticate a machine on
another's request.
In fact not only I was not able to get shares between clients, but I was
not able to launch AT commands between clients, nor using the admin's
domain\username + password neither using the local admin's password.

As I had the need to use more than one server I had to switch to an NT
PDC (little P200) + samba server for share.
I hope I will be able to switch to 3.0 + TNG as soon they are stable

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