smb- and UNIX passwords

Jamie ffolliott jffolliott at
Wed Apr 26 15:36:37 GMT 2000

The 2.4.x alpha's had problems like you mentioned, try alpha 2.5.  You'll
need to create accounts for your workstations in the passwd file, named
COMPUTER$, but these accounts can be disabled and don't need a password.
Then you can use NT's method of adding the workstation to the domain, via
the network control panel, provided you've created an administrator first.

See the TNG faq,


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>    I have samba-tng-alfa-2.4.1.
>    It installs correctly, but when I try to log in from NT
> Workstation it says that computer name account doesn'n exists in
> database. (I add name$ and username in smbpasswd).
>  The first question is  -- what password shoul I use for the
> trust computer?
>  (what should I see in smbpasswd)
>  Does samba check passwords from passwd and shadow files?

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