smb- and UNIX passwords

Anders C. Thorsen anders at
Wed Apr 26 20:11:01 GMT 2000

> thanks anders.
> > > pffh, you can do that anyway, starting two years ago, dude!
> > By simply installing latest CVS..?  :)
> hmm, let me think...  unmodified??  naah, you're better off with 2.4.2,
> that'd do the trick.
Great idea! I voluneer to make sure a patch from latest CVS back to 2.4.2 is
always available :)

I'l set up a cluster to every second do a cvs checkout of newest and 2.4.2 and
then generate a patch!

2.4.2 should be made avialable from CVS to cvs illiterate people who wants to
benefit from 2.4.2


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