Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Apr 24 08:16:43 GMT 2000

hey, lars, make yerself an account, ok?  that goes for any other samba
contributers, too, then put yourselves down as documenter, contributer,
helper, whatever.  i'd really like to see all the people who have been
doing cvs and alpha downloads on a regular basis and sending reports in as
helpers, too, ok?

create a few projects, ksamba etc.

sander, can you do likewise, and create sidlc on there, too?

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Lars Kneschke wrote:

> > another side-interest:
> >
> Interesting project! Thanks for the hint. I read freshmeat as often i can,
> but slashdot is not so interesting for me. This side looks very promissing.  raph is currently away, so hasn't
had a chance to look at the horrendous mess i've made of the coe.

> > as if 192mb ram, 400-p2 isn't enough, what you think i have to have a
> > dual 500-p3 compaq job to do this stuff????
> Would'nt it be nice to have such a machine? :-)

*giggle*.  we have two, here.

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