Workstation Trust Account in Samba

Jason C. North jnorth at
Mon Apr 17 18:54:37 GMT 2000

	I pulled the source off of CVS last thursday (pre 3.0?), and have
successfully configured my server as a PDC in an NT domain, temporarily
called BBSAMBA.  Windows 98 clients can access the domain at a normal login,
but my NT workstation cannot. I have added it successfully to the domain,
rebooted, and I am unable to logon to the domain. The error I receive at
logon is 'Cannot log you in because the domain BBSAMBA is not available'.
As I recall (I was an MCSE in a past life), and as M$ has verified, this
indicates a problem with the machine account.  As far as I can tell, the
machine account is ok, but perhaps I have overlooked a detail somewhere?

The line for the workstation (sherlock) from my smbpasswd file is as
362B:[W          ]:LCT-38FB0BF7:

and in /etc/passwd :
sherlock$:*:1000:900:SHERLOCK.  JCN's WINNT :/dev/null:/dev/null

After a couple of attempts, I have manually set the passwd to 'sherlock'
(according to the O'Reilly book that is what the passwd is set to initially.

Any ideas?


Jason C. North Network and Security Engineer
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