creating trust account using rpcclient

Hans-Peter Raschke Hans-Peter.Raschke at
Mon Apr 17 18:17:34 GMT 2000


i'm just trying to setup a tng-BDC with a NT4-PDC (SP4).

With rpcclient I joined the domain (DS):

rpcclient -S PDC_DS -U root%xxx
[root at PDC_DS]$ use \\qmpc2 -U root%xxx -W qmpc2 
[qmpc2\root at PDC_DS]$ createuser qmpc2$ -s -j DS

SAM Create Domain User
error connecting to (Verbindungsaufbau abgelehnt)
Domain: DS Name: qmpc2$ ACB: [S          ]
Create Domain User: OK
Join QMPC2 to Domain DS
Set $MACHINE.ACC: OK                                                                                

Now I try to use the samsync command:

[qmpc2\root at PDC_DS]$ samsync
cmd_sam_sync: no trust account password

The Account on the PDC was created, showing a BDC in the Servermgr.
On the BDC there is no entry in the smbpasswd file. A enumuser command on
the BDC doesn't show an entry for qmpc2.

What do I'm wrong?

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