join samba client to samba domain

Pieter Grimmerink p.grimmerink at
Fri Apr 14 08:50:24 GMT 2000

> if you don't have a private/smbpasswd,
> touch private/smbpasswd.

I do have an empty smbpasswd file.
But this is the client.
The problem seems to be at the server.
When I try to do

samedit -U root
createuser client$

this fails, telling me to use lsaquery first, to ascertain the SID

I just deleted the entire sambadir/var/lock contents, and emptied the
smbpasswd file, removed the .SID file, and restarted all the daemons.
(I had to do this, because for some reason Samba no longer accepted logons
from win98 clients)
Still, I can't create machineaccounts on the Samba server.

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink

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