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Fri Apr 14 11:36:41 GMT 2000

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> > if you don't have a private/smbpasswd,
> >
> > touch private/smbpasswd.
> I do have an empty smbpasswd file.
> But this is the client.
> The problem seems to be at the server.
> When I try to do
> samedit -U root
> createuser client$
> this fails, telling me to use lsaquery first, to ascertain the SID

I got a bit further now, after I used the -W option;

rpcclient -S PDCNAME -U root -W DOMAINNAME
createuser client$ -s -j

this creates a valid machine account, but does not join the client to the

deluser client$
createuser client$ -s -j DOMAINNAME

tries to create a machine account, and tries to join the client to the
This somehow fails.
(the server tries to connect to port 445 of both the PDC and the client,
connections are refused, it also tries to connect to /tmp/.smb.0/agent, this
also fails.)
final message 'Create Domain User: FAILED'

I've tried this also with an NT server, I used rpcclient from the samba
client, and tried to create a machine account and join the samba client to
the domain.
This also failed.

How can I join my samba client to either a samba PDC or a NT PDC?
(the samba pdc is running samba-tng alpha version 2.2, the client 2.4, the
client I tried to join to an NT domain is running 2.3)

Best regards,

Pieter Grimmerink

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