Samba-tng 2.3 .samedit/connectivity issues

Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Apr 13 20:21:22 GMT 2000

Kelly Smelser wrote:
> Kind of a dumb question but can anyone offer up the proper init scripts
> to start the samr daemon?  Here's the excerpt I have from init.d/smb
> that I created:
> case "$1" in
>     start)
>         echo -n "Starging SMB blah blah"
>         daemon /yadayada/smbd -D
>         RETVAL=$?
>         echo
>         echo -n "Starting NMB blah blah"
>         daemon /yadayada/nmbd -D
>         RETVAL2=$?
>         echo
>         echo -n "Starting samrd"
>         daemon /opt/samba-tng/sbin/sarmd -D
>         RETVAL3=$?
>         echo
>         [ $RETVAL -eq 0 -a $RETVAL2 -eq 0 -a $RETVAL3 -eq 0 ] && touch
> /var/lock/subsys/smb || \             RETVAL=1
>         ;;
> This was kind of a from nothing add on that I did, and the service is
> starting.  However, when doing a smbpasswd -a root I still get a
> "connection refused" and when doing a createuser in samedit I get a
> little further than before but get a 

> "socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed:  Connection refused"  Any suggestions?
This one is some broken code on the  "todo" list, but you can ignore
this error.
(Luke: just to be curious .. what is it for ? ;)

But you should start the other daemons as well, TNG needs some more than
just smbd,nmbd, samrd:

        echo "SMB Service starting."
        export PATH
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/smbd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/nmbd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/browserd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/lsarpcd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/netlogond -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/samrd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/spoolssd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/srvsvcd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/svcctld -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/winregd -D
        ${SAMBA}/sbin/wkssvcd -D


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