Bad stub data? - Win2K + TNG

Chris Allen chris_allen at
Thu Apr 13 01:25:56 GMT 2000

Hi Michael,

> I've seen the "bad stub" message when entering an incorrect
> password (or at least a password that Samba believed was incorrect).
> Pay particular attention to the mapping between /etc/passwd,
> smbpasswd and the various usermap entries.

Actually I don't have any usermap entries - maybe that's where I am going
wrong.  According to the smb.conf man page it didn't seem like I needed any
in DC mode.

>  I've also seen in several
> older alpha releases that to join a domain required the unix root
> account and that the samba administrator account had to be the
> unix root account and share the same password.  I don't know if
> this is still true... I haven't retested this lately.

OK - I'll investigate this.

> Lastly, if this is not your problem, then the others on the list
> more proficient than I will likely need debug level 100 logs from a
> system compiled with password debugging enabled (built with
> configure.developer).

Eeeks - I thought level 6 debug level messages was more than enough to sift
through :o)


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