make install/codepage segmentation

Sergey Shibeko admin at
Wed Apr 12 10:48:04 GMT 2000

> can someone take a look at this, i cut make_codepage over from cvs main,
> thx.

Is not compiled unicode_map for koi8-r encoding.

Creating unicode codepage file
/usr/local/samba/bin/make_unicodemap: failed to get the file size for file.
/codepages/CPKOI-R.TXT. Error was No such file or directory

The correct name for it - koi8-r instead of KOI-R.
Has corrected in Makefile -
CODEPAGELIST = 437 737 775 850 852 861 932 866 949 950 936 1251 ISO8859-1
ISO8859-2 ISO8859-5 ISO8859-7 KOI8-R

It for TNG-2.2, 2.3 did not look yet

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