how to migrate from clear text to encrypted passwords.

James Nord James.Nord at
Tue Apr 11 09:44:16 GMT 2000

You must be running > 2.0.0 for this,

get the samba source.
what you need is samba-x.x.x/source/script/
(seing as this is large I have attached just the file from 2.0.6)

Assuming you have installed in /usr/local/samba

su root
cd /usr/local/samba
mkdir private
getent passwd | /path/to/samba/src/samba-x.x.x/source/script/ > /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd
chmod -R go= private

-- smb.conf
  encrypt passwords = no
  update encrypted = yes

After you have gathered all of your smbpasswords
-- smb.conf
  encrypt passwords = yes

And then go and turn off send unecrypted passwords on all you 9x /NT boxes.

You will probably want also to do some sort of password syncing from UNIX -> Samba and Samba -> Unix
but I haven't got that far yet ;-)


"Overbey, Alfred D (Dudley), ALCOO" wrote:
> Would someone kindly point me in the direction of the documentation on
> migrating from clear text passwords to encrypted passwords with in the Samba
> realm?
> Thanks
> Dudley
> doverbey at
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