samba-TNG smbd crashing

Tom Crummey tom at
Mon Apr 10 17:38:05 GMT 2000


Well, I've narrowed the crash down to the following:

[ Line 131 smbd/open.c ]
static void fd_attempt_reopen(char *fname, mode_t mode, files_struct *fsp)
  int fd = fsp->conn->, False), O_RDWR, mode);
  file_fd_struct *fd_ptr = fsp->fd_ptr;
On entry to this function, the variables are:

fname = kixtart.scr, mode = 484, fsp addr = -4263772

(Numbers are %d).

However, I note that fsp->fd_ptr is set to 0 at   fsp->fd_ptr = 0; [line 332]    
and I can't see anywhere where it is set to anything else before this point 
in the code.

I'll continue to dig into this tomorrow.


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