Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Apr 9 06:45:10 GMT 2000 and all mirror sites.

plenty of alpha releases have got to be good for the soul.

- fixed security = domain.  i had some nice recursion problems, i love
filling up my process table with samrd and lsarpcd calling each other
(...only kidding).

- fixed up netlogond so that pam_ntdom can contact it on a domain loopback
_even_ for domain logons, and netlogond will notice, oh wow, this is not
my domain, and find and call out to the real domain controller -- this is
now netlogond's job, not pam_ntdom's.  hey presto, no configuration of
pam_ntdom required, whatsoever.

- win98 still doesn't work.  and guess what?  if people want it fixed,
send a full report of all process_logon_request request / response
sections of log.nmb.  the ones that show the GETDC request and response.
anything less is insufficient to solve the problem (if that's where the
problem lies).

a netmon trace would do just as well.

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