samba-tng 1.8 woes..

Matt Monacelli mam1281 at
Wed Apr 5 14:47:01 GMT 2000

First, check the smbpasswd file to make sure the password is there (not
the XXXNO PASSWORDXXX).  If you're ok there, then you may need to user
the and (see the TNG FAQ at

Good luck!

On Wed, 5 Apr
2000, geoffrey lee wrote:

>hi all,
>i've gotten samba tng 1.8 to compile and it runs fine.
>but i'm having problems with logging on to the domain. i'm new to samba-tng
>..(upping from 2.0.6)
>after installing and running the daemons i (tried to) recreate the nt
>workstation machine account on the samba box. (samedit createuser machine$).
>it said that it failed because it was unable to connect to /tmp/.smb ...and
>that connection to port 139 and 445 failed. :( i tried doing
>this both as root (with no admin privileges for samba ntdomain) and as a
>normal user with admin privileges for the samba ntdomain.
>well i went on anyway and i rejoined the domain wiht the ntworkstation and
>surprsingly i got a welcome message but after i went through the obligatory
>reboot and tried to logon it said that it was unable to log me on because
>the machine account passwd is incorrect...
>can someone guide me through (even the obvious points ;-) since i'm new) how
>to join the domain with an nt box?

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