TNG "no locking available" error, HP/UX

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Apr 3 17:35:27 GMT 2000

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> Ah.  I was under the impression Samba still used Unix locking to
> provide SMB locking.  I know Tridge wants to move away from that and do
> interal-only locking using tdb, but I thought we weren't there yet.

Well HEAD currently does this, but we still need to add
the mapping onto POSIX locking for interoperability with
native UNIX and NFS apps. The Windows locking will "look"
more correct, and we'll map onto POSIX as best we can.

I've been looking at this code in HEAD, and am about to
implement this mapping.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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