TNG "no locking available" error, HP/UX

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sun Apr 2 23:06:51 GMT 2000

[nazard at]
> The issue I had was that the test wasn't really worth anything. It
> was testing if locking worked in the local directory. It wasn't
> testing for locking functions available in the OS.  There wasn't an
> option to disable or redirect the test.

OK, redirecting the test sounds actually sensible.  Disabling or
overriding it, maybe.

> > So now you're suggesting not only doing this at runtime, but
> > repeating it in every directory you access?  Perhaps you want to
> > maintain a cache of (*lock_file)() pointers, one for each unique
> > mount point?

> The directories we were interesting in were samba specific (i.e.
> private/ & var/locks).

Ah.  I was under the impression Samba still used Unix locking to
provide SMB locking.  I know Tridge wants to move away from that and do 
interal-only locking using tdb, but I thought we weren't there yet.

> possibly a program to check the implementation, possibly an extension
> to testparm.

That too makes sense.

> > Anyone who puts software to important uses deserves anything he
> > gets for not reading the release notes.

> Which isn't going to stop some stupid media article from pointing out
> all the many samba "security" flaws. You know, I know, but the
> clients I work with haven't a clue <g>



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