samba-cvs questions

Lajber Zoltan lajbi at
Mon Apr 3 08:02:12 GMT 2000

I have two small questions about samba-cvs (not TNG)

1: when I try to compile the recent version, I get:
In file included from lib/util_unistr.c:1032:
include/unicode_map_table.h:35687: virtual memory exhausted
make: *** [lib/util_unistr.o] Error 1

The machine has 64M ram + 64M swap, but if I put some more swap, I get
same. Standard debina/slink Linux on Pentium.

2, The printing form NT4 don't work with prev. cvs which I have (I got it
a few month ago). When I browsing on "connect to network printer", after
one click I don't get the printer status.
On a bigger debug level I see some error: smbd try to access
NT_printer_hpdj file. I didn't found anything about this file in docs.
What is this file?

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