error connecting to (Connection refused) ??

Bodo Bürger bodo.buerger at
Wed Sep 29 17:57:04 GMT 1999


i have samba-2.1.0-prealpha (last code-updated 1999-09-26) on my SuSE 6.1 - 
System. In the future I want to have a SAMBA-Server as PDC with 2 
NT-Workstations. That's why I turned Password encryption on and enabled 
domain logons in my smb.conf.

After making the private/smbpasswd I can sucessfully do something like 
this: "smbclient -L myserver -U user".

But if I want to change a password with "smbpasswd user" (tested as root) I 
get the message:

error connecting to (Connection refused)         [this is 
the IP of my samba-server]
New SMB Password: ...

Changing the password is done successfully, but why I'm getting this error?

Also I can't join the SAMBA-Domain with my NT-WKS. Errormessage is: "PDC of 
the Domain can not be found".
I follwed all the instructions from ENCRYPTION.TXT, but it isn't working. 
What's going on here?

Can anybody help me?

Thanks Bodo

bodo.buerger at
+49 35604 40351

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