[Fwd: Problems accessing hiden shares]

tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de
Wed Sep 29 15:51:56 GMT 1999

john.rooke <john.rooke at lpsystems.com> wrote:

> John Rooke wrote:
>> Thaks for the reply.
>> It does not seem to be any of the suggestions you made:
>> I am trying to access shares on one NTW 4.0 PC from another NTW4.0 PC in a
>> domain where the PDC is Samba 2.1-prealpha. I try to access a known share
>> \\neilp\cdrom and this does not work. It also does not work on hidden shares
>> e.g. \\neilp\c$. I get the same error message each time:-(
>> I can, however, see all the shares on both our Samba servers (Linux PDC and
>> SCO OpenServer ordinary domain member).

Is WINS support enabled on the Linux PDC? If not, enable it.
Then have a look if all of these NT clients know about the
WINS server.


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