Mondo strange problem: linux firewall, NT PDC

Hazel hazel at
Tue Sep 28 00:04:35 GMT 1999


Thanks for all the interesting posts I have read on this list already.

Here is what is going on:

Win95 or Win98 client calls ISP, establishes connection.

Then, launches a PPTP connection to the Linux box acting as firewall.

The NT PDC authenticates logon.  (If type wrong password, it will deny it.)

The connection shows up looking good under RAS-->Active Users and Event Viewer.

But --  and this is a big but -- the client cannot ping the RAS server!  And the RAS server can't ping client!!  Client can't ping anybody on local network.  (Needless to say, Network Neighborhood is totally deserted.)  It's like the client gets authenticated into the domain, but ends up in its own separate domain.

Any ideas at all much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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