Credetials Error on Logon

Melanie Abbas (CNS staff) abbas at
Mon Sep 27 14:38:24 GMT 1999

We are running Samba 2.0.5a on a Solaris 7 server.
During logon, the computers in the computer lab run a logon script that
maps 2 drive letters (o: and p:) from a Win NT server.
The logon script passes the username and password in plaintext in the
script. So, the line looks like:

net use o: \\servername\opt password /user:username /persistent:no

with a similar looking line for p:

We have been using this logon script for 18 months without problem, until
we upgraded from Samba 1.19.8p3 to 2.0.5 last August.  Since we upgraded,
about 50% of the time, the user will see

System Error 1219 has occurred. The credentials supplied conflict with an
existing set of credentials.

Now, I understand this error means that it still thinks another
username/password is using something from the server so it cannot allow
access to that server from the username/password sent in the logon script.

However, the server in question is ONLY EVER used from these lab systems
with the same username/password that we send in the logon script.

We are able to get the drive letters to map manually after the logon
script is finished by right clicking on My Computer and doing a map
network drive passing the username/password that is in the logon script.
Sometimes, even that method takes a few minutes before it will work,
coming back with an NT error about conflicting credentials.

Does anybody know why this is occuring?
The NT boxes have SP3 and SP4 on them so it is unrelated to the SP number.
The users do have roaming profiles setup. If you would like any more info,
please let me know! I'd really like to get this resolved since students in
Intro Computing classes don't know what is going on all the time :)

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