Problem inside a NT Domain.

"Schäfer, Axel" a.schaefer at
Mon Sep 27 13:13:02 GMT 1999


> But there is still two problem I can't seems to solve :
> - I've got a performance issue on every computer. Sometimes 
> the computer
> freeze for 5 or 10 seconds this was not happening before the 
> connection of
> the linux server. My guess is that every x minutes the connexion is
> resetted and then the linux server must reidentificate the client by
> sending his password to the NT server. This is quite 
> disapointing, users
> throwing rocks at me.

Had a similar problem here. When login on on a NT workstation, the bloody
thing was frozen for several seconds. In that case it was just like you
The NT explorer tried to open the connection to the Samba-share. This took
some time, because the system had to authenticate (via NT PDC). As far as I
know, NT explorer checks the connected drives every xxx seconds. The strange
ting is, that - as far as I know - the connection is not broken and you
don't have to reconnect. But this behavior is defined in Nt registry. So, I
guess you have a problem with one of both sides dropping connection after a
certain amount of time.
Unfortunately I can't remember, which Key in the Registry on NT was
responsabile for this. Sorry.


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