Login from NTWorkstation 4

Adam Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Sep 24 10:11:30 GMT 1999

On Sep 24,  1:02pm, <jonalee at kalsoft.online.sh.cn> wrote:
> Subject: Re: Login from NTWorkstation 4
> Add user account into smbpasswd to type password?
> But how does a admin know everyone's password?

He doesn't (hopefully).  You have to device some "migration" scheme to get
smbpasswd updated.  I added all the users to smbpasswd with null passowrds,
 expired everyones UNIX password, and hot wired NIS to update SMB as well.
 Within a few days almost all the Samba passwords were set,  then I switched on
encrypted passwords.  There is no automatic way to move the passwords from UNIX
to SMB, as all the hashes are ONE WAY.

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