NT printing

Alan Hourihane alanh at pinacl.co.uk
Fri Sep 24 09:51:45 GMT 1999

I've been tracking down bug no.1 on your list and
found that the following typo fixes it. Notice
the [2] should be [i].

Jean - That private bug fix I sent didn't really do

*** parse_spoolss.c.old	Fri Sep 24 10:47:11 1999
--- parse_spoolss.c	Fri Sep 24 10:47:21 1999
*** 2313,2319 ****
  			for (i=0; i<r_u->numofdrivers; i++)
! 				bufsize_required += spoolss_size_printer_driver_info_2(&(driver_info_2[2]));
--- 2313,2319 ----
  			for (i=0; i<r_u->numofdrivers; i++)
! 				bufsize_required += spoolss_size_printer_driver_info_2(&(driver_info_2[i]));


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I'm not authoritative on this but have played a little..

I browsed the server, opened the printers folder and used "Add Printer"
then when prompted "Have disk" and loaded the drivers from the CD on
my workstation (NT4/SP5). (Make a print$ share to hold the drivers)
The files were created by samba. Can make
changes to forms etc. from workstation. 

(Get multiple entries for forms in the ntforms.def file but a simple
sort -u removes the duplicates.

I can then mount printers and print....but

1/ Spoolss on thee workstation crashes out when you add printer. ( But
seems to get to the end of add printer process OK. restarting spoolss
works and printer is seen.

2/ the print queue display code is not there yet apparently so the queue display
does not refresh.

3/ Found the NT printing unworkable at the moment but interesting :)
It is experimental code after all and a priviledge to play with it.

The 2.0.5 mainline code I found works well with printers as LANMAN connections and
by creating a print$ share I can download drivers from the server (though
not automatically...anyone done this?) 

> How do you create the NTprinter_??? and NTdriver_???
> files with the correct entries for Samba 2.1prealpha ?
> I can see things like 
> starttime
> printername
> servername
> etc, but how do I create them ?
> Thanks.
> Alan.

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