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Daryl Williams daryl.williams at
Thu Sep 23 18:53:31 GMT 1999


we experienced a very strange problem with samba that we were
only able to resolve by downgrading to version 1.9.18p8. while this
appears to have solved my immediate problem, i thought i should
inform the developers of this problem and find out if it is a known

i have been running samba for about 2 years on my current employer's
network on a sun utlra sparc1+ running sunos 5.5.1. several months ago
i added 2 dell poweredge servers to the network running redhat . all 3
machines where running samba-2.0.4b without any real problems.

then out of nowhere (no changes had been made to either the samba
configuration, the workstation, or the rest of the network, to the best
of my knowledge) people started complaining about access to the
samba server running on the sun. trying to open the samba server
from the network neighborhood would result in an error, actually
several different error messages at different times, which makes
it harder  to diagnose. the first try would usually result in an network

error "1208", which i guess means "an extended error has occurred"
and a subsequent error was "3221225477" which apparently is not
even a valid ms error message number.  further tries to open the
samba server icon would usually result in the client system appearing
to hang. bringing up the task manager and killing the process trying
to talk to the samba server would not always work. sometimes you
could get out of the hang by logging out and logging in again, and
sometimes a reboot would be required.

what makes this so strange however is that systems that already
had a share from the samba server mapped to a drive, could still
access the share though the mapping, but trying to open the icon
in the network neighborhood would cause the system to hang.

now as i mentioned, we have solved the problem by backstepping
to version samba-1.9.18p8. i first tried upgrading to version 2.0.5.a
but the problem still persisted. if anyone is interested in trying to
figure this out, i would be glad to help. just let me know what i
can do.


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