BUG: 16-bit setup.exe issues

Stephen Waters swaters at amicus.com
Mon Sep 20 17:41:53 GMT 1999

here's the scoop:

samba 2.0.5a on linux 2.2.12+raidpatch.

everything seems to work great except that 16-bit setup.exe files have
trouble finding requisite .dlls in the current working directory if
there are any non-8.3-compliant directories in the path.


2 files, setup.exe setup.dll, in \\server\public\long_dir_name\temp\
if execute setup.exe it will give an error saying that it cannot find
setup.dll; however, if i move \\server\public\long_dir_name\temp\ to
\\server\public\temp\ setup.exe finds setup.dll just fine.

our Windows NT 4.0 server did not have any problems with this setup so i
thought either 1) there is a bug in samba or 2) the client is stupid and
NT has a workaround. i vote for [2], but i'd really like to see a

i changed default case to upper when trying to figure out what was

-stephen waters
internal sysadmin
amicus, inc.

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