Samba as a PDC

Lajber Zoltan lajbi at
Mon Sep 20 14:13:56 GMT 1999


On Mon, 20 Sep 1999, Rafał Szcześniak wrote:

> Possible problems:
>  - samba 2.1.0-prealpha and samba-2.0.5a (latest stable when I'm writing it)
>    works default in security user mode. Previous (1.9.x) sambas used

The old samba worked as PDC for a bunch of wfwg when this machine was
used. So, this maxhine does domain logon.

>  - prealpha uses encrypted password - wfwg311 no (as I remember :)

But the passwd get validated sometimes, and the wfwg died to dos prompt...

>  - cosmetic problem is using 8.3 file name notation in wfwg311

No problem for me before the upgrade. The office 4.2 installed in "8.3"
way, and this machine tye to use that, not office97 of course.

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