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Sebastien Corriveau sebastien.corriveau at
Mon Sep 20 13:50:03 GMT 1999

peter pilsl wrote:
> I maintain two samba-domain-server. one is a new setup (two month) and one is a older setup (one year).
> These two setups are very similar but are not connected in any way. And on both machines this error occures very occasionally on all
> clients.
> I dont care much about that error at all. the servers work and so I dont have any problems.
> I just dont get into my mind why the error is in the clients-log when the server is initiating the process and fails.

I don't know what the source of the problem is. It could be a bug in samba
or some settings you've made (or didn't made) in either samba-PDC or
NT-clients. But if the process failed AFTER the connection between the PDC
and the client is made, then both sides (PDC and client) should report the
problem in there events log. That's why you get this error on your clients.
Now, if you can find a way to stop your samba-PDC from initiating the whole
process, you'll stop receiving this error. If you don't care about the error
getting into the events log of all clients, then you can leave it as is.

BTW, I don't have a samba-PDC installed (yet!) so I can't go deep into
details about samba. I can just gives you tips or information based on my NT

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