Samba as a PDC

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Sat Sep 18 20:37:07 GMT 1999

Hmm well..

You seem a little pissed off.. I would appriciate people who answered with
OUT the stuck up "YOU SHOULD OF READ THIS" crap..
cause lets be honest the simple fact is that if people read EVERYTHING we
wouldn't have any questions on this thing or atleast if there were
questions, No one would be able to answer them. So i suggest you chill...
take delight in the fact that you answered a question... and hope that
someone still decides to answer your previous question without saying stuff
like "if you read website you wouldn't of asked such a stupid question"


P.S. what does "Samba 2.0 will does not fully implement PDC functionality,
this is clearly
stated on the web site."  ?? you say it will and then you say it won't?

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On Sep 19,  6:09am, Paul Mckenna wrote:
> Subject: Samba as a PDC
> Howdy People..
> I'm new to this list , i just have a few questions. (These may sound silly
> but..)

Then go the web site and read the documentation.

> Does Samba work running as a PDC because i tried it and my windows 2000
> machine was unable to log into it as a domain controller but i was able to

There has been some discussion of W2K,  go the the web site and search the
archives for this list to get up to speed.

> access the shares on the samba server. The version i have of samba is the
> one which comes with Redhat 6.0, Should i upgrade? and also how do i know
> what version of Samba i am currently running?

Samba 2.0 will does not fully implement PDC functionality,  this is clearly
stated on the web site.

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