Samba as a PDC

Adam Williams awilliam at
Sat Sep 18 20:19:12 GMT 1999

On Sep 19,  6:09am, Paul Mckenna wrote:
> Subject: Samba as a PDC
> Howdy People..
> I'm new to this list , i just have a few questions. (These may sound silly
> but..)

Then go the web site and read the documentation.

> Does Samba work running as a PDC because i tried it and my windows 2000
> machine was unable to log into it as a domain controller but i was able to

There has been some discussion of W2K,  go the the web site and search the mail
archives for this list to get up to speed.

> access the shares on the samba server. The version i have of samba is the
> one which comes with Redhat 6.0, Should i upgrade? and also how do i know
> what version of Samba i am currently running?

Samba 2.0 will does not fully implement PDC functionality,  this is clearly
stated on the web site.

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