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peter pilsl wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 17, 1999 at 10:17:51PM +1000, Sebastien Corriveau wrote:
> > "Wingate, Steve [IBM NON J&J]" wrote:
> > >
> > > I read an article in a recent Windows NT magazine stating that computers
> > > change their own domain computeraccount password every 7 days. Disconnecting
> > > a machine (laptop user for example) from the domain for longer than this
> > > period can cause login errors. I can't recall the exact error but something
> > > along the lines of 'computer trust account being broken or no longer
> > > established'.
> >
> > Yes and no. NT PDC negociate a new computeraccount password every 7 days
> > with all NT domain members. However, if the workstation is not accessible
> > the password will not be changed and the laptop (in your exemple) will still
> > be able to connect with the PDC the next time.
> >
> hmm, I dont understand this at all. my origin question was about a error in the clients eventlog. so it seems that nt-client tried to
> change its machinepasswd on serverside and samba-PDC rejected it.
> but you are writing about a NT-PDC that initiates a passwd change with its client. thats the opposite way.
> peter

I really think this process is initiated by the PDC (your Samba-PDC) but
that's not important here (you just want it to work as supposed).

First of all, samba 2.0.5a support the "machine account password updates" so
it should work.


Now, it would be great if you could just give me more info (is it a new
setup; do you have the same on all client, how often you get this message,

I'm sure you've already looked at it but just in case here's the FAQ for
Samba NT Domain PDC support:

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