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On Thu, 16 Sep 1999, Paul L. Lussier wrote:

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> Jan Kratochvil said:
> >  I should get it, I haven't yet read any paper-written text on Samba.
> John's book was excellent in explaining the brain-dead manner in which MS 
> networking works (or rather, doesn't:).  Other than that though, it was much 
> more of "man pages with commentary".  If you print out all the Samba man 
> pages, then you have the majority of John's book.  Gerry's book was more of a 
> "real life practicum in Samba" where he provided different scenarios, idea, 
> and implementations as well as HOWTOs, etc.  The 2 books are a very 
> complimentary.  I didn't feel that Gerry's book explained the MS networking as 
> completely as John's, but it was more up to date and contained more examples.  
> So, IMO, you can't go wrong with reading both.

I'd recommend Gerry's book to anyone thinking about using samba, it saved
me a lot of time and effort, I've not got my hands on any of the others

> >  Tech support would welcome it but people are using the time manager, work
> >lists etc., I'm not forced to use it myself but simply due to all these
> >features the remove of Exchange is unfortunately not a solution now.
> I'm in a similar situation where people are using Outlook for time managment.  
> Fortunately, though, everyone is using Eurdora or Netscape and POP3 for
> e-mail, or they use native Unix mail :)
Are they actually using the "arrange meetings" part of outlook or just the
PIM/tasklist stuff as I think the netscape calendar has those (not sure
about the licensing though) Outlook seems to becoming the time management
client of choice round here and I' really rather it didn't.

I really wish someone would produce a free (or even reasonably cheap)
calendar server which supported ical.

Sorry this is getting off-topic, I'll shut up :)

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